Swimming school

Swimming school is a range of activities offered by UCPA to children depending on their age and level of confidence and ability in the water.

“Je me déplace” – I can splash about
Children between 6 and 8 years old learn to feel confident in the water and move, alone and without floaters. They discover the bases of swimming and learn balance, breathing and propulsion. For best results, we never have more than 8 children per group.

“Je nage” – I can swim

Children aged 7 to 11 can further their studies of balance, breathing and propulsion and they learn the various swim strokes. This module is aimed at children able to go under water and move 15m without equipment. The groups consist of 10 children at most.
“Je nage bien” – I am a good swimmer
Children aged 9 to 12 can improve their skills in various swim strokes and develop their endurance and speed through exercises with and without equipment. This activity is dedicated to children able to swim 25m without equipment, retrieve an object in mildly deep water, and enter the water in various ways. The groups consist of 12 children.
All these modules alternate lessons and fun exercises to offer variety to children and ensure they enjoy being in the water.


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