Water treatment

The entire swimming area uses a natural filtration system through which used water is treated with a biological self-purification system. Regeneration ponds, containing mainly reeds, will cleanse, purify and treat the water. You can enjoy a swim in natural water without chemical treatment or added chlorine.

This is why we are asking you to have a soapy shower before entering the ponds.



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Water quality monitored and analysed.

Each morning before we open to the public, our staff  (the local water board) clean all four swimming ponds. They also take samples which are analysed in their laboratory in Dijon.
Other parameters, such as temperature and pH, are monitored 24/7.

The staff check and clean the fine filters and check the pumps and regeneration ponds are operating properly.
Agence Régionale de Santé (Regional Health Agency) also analyses water samples and carries out weekly bacteriological checks.

The expertise of our crew serving the Community of Beaune Côte & Sud.

Our partner puts its expertise at the service of the community of Beaune Côte & Sud in terms of management of the water cycle, including its know-how in swimming water quality, monitoring and sustainable development of natural environments.
Thanks to a network of partners (UCPA) and local associations, Lyonnaise des Eaux also ensures the public has access to the site and to various activities thanks to a diversified schedule of activities for each and every one.

Maximum authorised capacity: 1,000 people.

Because of their specificity (compliance with filtering capacities), all natural swimming ponds must comply with daily maximum attendance. Once the maximum capacity is reached, no new swimmer can be accepted.

The capacity of Beaune Côté Plage is set at a maximum of 1,000 swimmers per day.

Beyond this limit, no more clients can be accepted, for reasons of health, safety and surveillance of the ponds.

It is also to meet water quality criteria that swimming shorts are not allowed, only swimming trunks (speedo style) are allowed and that it is mandatory to have a soapy shower before entering the ponds.

By complying with these health and safety rules, you are helping us preserve the water quality of our ponds.