The ponds

In an exceptional natural site, Beaune Côté Plage invites you to relaxation and well-being. With its 14,000m² of grassy beaches and its four natural swimming ponds, Beaune Côté Plage is the ideal place to rest and play.


The 3,000 m² aquatic facilities consist of:

And three interconnected ponds respectively dedicated to:





The depth of each pond (60cm, 1m35, 1m90 and 3m90) has been carefully studied to safely fulfil their purposes.

The water of all four ponds is biologically filtered and therefore does not undergo any chemical treatment. You can enjoy swimming in 100% natural water!
You are swimming in naturally filtered water with no chemical treatment or added chlorine.

In order to maintain the quality of the water, you are asked to have a soapy shower before entering the ponds.

The natural swimming ponds have been installed next to the lake of Montagny-lès-Beaune and the site offers splendid views on the vine covered hills of Burgundy, thus allowing you to enjoy our natural water facilities in a beautiful setting.
For you safety and peace of mind, six lifeguards are present at all time.

For a pleasurable and relaxing moment, you can also enjoy a drink or a meal on the terrace of “Côté Resto“.