Les Etangs d’Or

Fishing regulations

Come and fish, it’s allowed!

From Etang Sauvage to Etang Bavard, through the Birds Peninsula, 12 ponds are dedicated to fishing. Angling, fly-fishing, pole fishing, feeder fishing, stalk fishing… there is something for all fishing fans. On the menu: pike, zander, black bass, perch, white fish … for those wishing to proudly bring their catch home, and carps which according to regulations in force must be released.

With drained, cleaned, ventilated ponds which are free from unwanted and invasive species, which have been redesigned, developed and protected from infiltration of agricultural products by installing buffer areas, Beaune Côte & Sud and our partner offer users optimum fishing conditions, comfort and safety.

Fishing is authorised providing you hold a fishing pass (carte de pêche), you can purchase this pass on the website of the local fishing and river protection association (Fédération pour la Pêche et la Protection des Milieux Aquatiques de Côte d’Or): www.fedepeche21.com

From a fishing point of view, the  Fédération de Côte-d’Or pour la Pêche et la Protection du Milieu Aquatique (fishing and river protection federation) manages the various fishing spots, each having a precise theme related to the fishing mode or specific fish species, through its local AAPPMA (fishing and river protection association) “La Truite Beaunoise”.

Fishing spots have been created for people with reduced mobility so that this leisure activity can be accessible to everyone.

Warning: The use of bait boats is strictly forbidden throughout the site.

To optimise the management and development of this site, Beaune Côte & Sud has developed a management plan for the period running from 2013 until 2020 and has entrusted its implementation to our provider by public service delegation.

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Réglement interieur


Regulations are implemented by the Fédération pour la Pêche et la Protection des Milieux Aquatiques de Côte-d’Or (fishing and river protection federation). To fish at Etangs d’Or, fishermen and women must comply with second category fishing regulations. They must hold a fishing pass (carte de pêche federal) entitling the holder to fish in several French departements.
Fishing management is devolved to the local PPMA (fishing and river protection association) “La Truite Beaunoise”, responsible for the supervision of the fishing site. Accredited agents ensure the regulation is respected and can ask to see your fishing pass.

You can buy a daily, monthly or season pass:

– Gamm Vert (gardening centre) – Impasse Jean Baptiste Gambut – Tel. +33(0) 380 241 389
– Tradition Pêche et Chasse (fishing and hunting equipment shop) – 8 rue Belleneuve – Tel. +33(0) 380 223 752

More local points of sale may be available, see them all on www.fedepeche21.com


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Fish studies

Aimed at following the evolution of the species natural reproduction in different water bodies, the studies will last for a period of 4 years. 11 ponds out of 18 will be explored through electrical fishing and net fishing for larger ponds. Indeed, electric fishing gives a very representative sample of fish species in shallow areas (less than 1.5 meters). They must be supplemented by net fishing which is certainly more selective but is performed in deeper areas (over 1.5 meters). For the monitoring campaign carried out in 2014, ponds G1, G2, G3, G5 and G6 will be studied.

The general second category fishing regulation applies with the following specificities:


GO Etang mystérieux 0,4 Fishing forbidden Fishing forbidden
G1 Etang sauvage 7,6  All fish No-kill carpes et carnassiers / Float Tube
G2 Etang bienvenue 9,3  All fish General second category fishing
G3 Etang des phragmites 4,8 All fish General second category fishing
G4 Etangs des black-bass 1,7 Predators General second category fishing
G5 Etang panoramique 2,2 Predators General second category fishing
G6 Etang bavard 1,5 Predators General second category fishing
G7 1,8 Private Private
G8 L’eau des vignes 9,1 All fish Float tube
G9 Mare au batraciens 0,2 Amphibian pond Fishing forbidden
G10 0,4 Private Private
G11 1,6 Private Private
G12 Etang aux écrevisses 0,4 All fish General second category fishing
G13 Les étangs jumelés 1  Carp No-kill carpes et carnassiers
G14 0,4 Discovery Reserved for APN and no-kill carps and predators special activities
G15 La presqu’île des oiseaux 1,3 Predators and black-bass No-kill carpes et carnassiers
G16 Etang des carpistes 9,3 All fish No-kill carps and predators, day only
MORTEUIL Etang solitaire 4,3 All fish No-kill carps, night and day